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Important Ways of Taking Care of Your Diabetes Every Day

Diabetes is a set of related diseases where the body is not able to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. Studies have shown that there are various kinds of diabetes including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and pre-diabetes. The following are some of the best ways to help you take an active role in caring for diabetes.

It is very crucial to check your blood glucose level on a daily basis and report your results to your health care team.

Suffering from a cold or any other infection can rapidly increase you glucose levels resulting in a coma. Therefore, there is a need to check for ketones in your blood and the level of blood glucose to be well prepared for an illness. Gather adequate information from your doctor or healthcare provider about what range of blood glucose is right for you. Ask a lot of questions and be sure you understand everything you need to be familiar with when taking care of your diabetes. If possible, consider buying a continuous glucose monitoring system that is combined with insulin pumps and shows patterns and trends in your results over time.
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Eating healthy and doing exercise on a regular basis can go a long way towards controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol. High blood pressure and cholesterol can damage your blood vessels and result in severe, life-threatening conditions including heart attack and stroke. Your health care provider may also propose taking medications and do certain exercise that will help you to manage your blood pressure.
Also, remember to quit smoking since it will only increase your risk of various diabetes complications. Various diabetes complications caused by smoking comprise of heart stroke, kidney diseases, nerve damage and reduced blood in the legs and feet which might lead to infections. Patients who don’t know how to quit can consult with their doctors on the means that will help them stop.
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Get plenty of sleep, set limits in your life and learn about the various relaxation techniques from your doctor or the internet. Stress will make you forget your everyday role of maintaining a healthy life. Beside, stress causes your body to produce a hormone that works against the insulin.

Starting a family requires more planning when you diabetic to make sure that your pregnancy is safe and healthy. You physician will take more insulin and check your blood sugars more often .

You may also need support from family and friends to help take good care of your condition.