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Tips on Publishing Your Own Book

The first thing you should do while publishing a book yourself is to set the book subject. The subject just entails what the book is talking about. Subject should be small and attractive. This is going to prevent big publishers from competing with you yet you can still make some money on the book. Fiction subjects are selling highly and are not heavily discounted.

Another thing that you should do is proper research. While doing research look for the titles that are competitive and you think about how you want to make yours look better. You should also find out if the books are selling or not to decide if the title is good or not. By visiting the popular book selling websites you will be in a position to see the types of titles are selling more than others. The bookshops will be able to tell you the types of books are selling and which types of books people are asking.

You should also decide the format you want to use either a hard cover or paperback. Using a hard cover is very expensive as it is going to cost you a lot of money unlike paperback which are cheap. If you have less money you can go for paper cover though it is not very impressive as compared to hard cover. But if you use hard cover your books will increase in value and you may end up getting a lot of money.

The next thing you should do is to produce the copies of your book. If you have a printer you can buy the papers and print by yourself but if you don’t you will need to higher printing services. Do not be in a hurry to print go for a printer that is affordable and produces quality work.

Consider using print on demand publishers. This is where you send a computer file to the print on demand printer. This means that you print only the books that are on sale. As a result you are going to save a lot of money and avoid unnecessary wastage.

Make sure you get the ISDN number for you book. The International Standard Book Number is a unique code that is used in identifying your book in the book market.

You should then decide how you want to distribute your books. The most reliable method is by the use of a book distributor. The books will be distributed on discount of the cover price.

You should be ready to do marketing of the book by yourself. You can use social media platform or book selling website to market your books. You can do it yourself by the word of mouth.