Wedding Photography: Tips for Beginning Wedding Photographers

The wedding photographer is a most complicated photography work in the world. The reason is simple, there is no re-scene in wedding photo taking. This wedding, where you are responsible for photographing it, only happens once. There is no term “broken camera”, “insufficient memory card” or “forgot battery flash in charge”. If you want the best photographer for wedding, you can contact Solaris Wedding Photography.

But, you can get rid of the fear of wedding photographs by following a guide to record the photos needed to tell the story from start to finish. You will definitely go through every stage of the wedding day, from preparing photos to pre-wedding photos and start filming on the recording grounds for fun at the wedding reception, so you can deal with it with confidence.

Wedding preparations

Preparation! You cannot underestimate the power of self-preparedness. First, make sure all equipment is ready for use and clean. You must clean the dust from all lenses and sensors. Batteries must be fully charged, also the backup batteries.

  1. Pre-wedding photos

Doing pre-wedding photos is always useful because everyone acts differently when they become the center of attention, and you will learn how to get the best out of them.

  1. Discuss your way

This is a chance for the bride and groom to say whether they want a traditional type of wedding photography or a more relaxed one. Talk to them. For your satisfaction, Solaris Studios is the right choice.

  1. Make a list of wedding photos

You should make a list of wedding photos that you need to become album material, prints, etc. There are no “re-scenes” in the wedding, so you should be sure that you leave with a list of wedding photographs in hand containing what photos you will take, from formal wedding photos and men to detailed photographs (invitees, bouquets, bridal shoes, etc.), and photo receptions such as cake cutting, reception, etc. Without a written list, you will not have a handle and almost certainly you will miss one or even some important photos. Make sure you talk to both brides before you finalize your wedding photo list.

  1. Have a backup for everything

If there is a potential mistake on the wedding you are photographing, the potential can be realized at any time. That’s why professional wedding photographers always bring backup for everything because there’s no re-scene. At a minimum, you should have 2 camera body, a backup battery for camera and flash, even flash backup. You also need an additional memory card and backup lens.

  1. Pay attention to the weather of the wedding

Weather will change the way wedding photoshoot. It’s always good to have a beautiful umbrella to carry a property, so when it rains heavily though, still get an exciting portrait.

  1. Peek at the wedding location

Checking light levels and viewing angles at wedding locations is very important. Visit the location at the same time as the planned time for the wedding, so you can see the direction of the light.

  1. Know your wedding schedule

Remember the schedule of events whenever possible, but take copies of them as well, and mark the time clearly. You must be regular and always in a position before the time.

  1. The second wedding photographer

Many professional wedding photographers bring along a second photographer to ensure that they cover all the most important moments. You will always need a second photographer especially if the wedding ceremony is big. You cannot work everywhere at once, and if something goes wrong (equipment problems or anything), there will be other people who can continue to take pictures or handle the problem so you can continue to take pictures.

  1. Bring the ladder to photograph from a higher position

At marriage, you will arrange and photograph a group of people (for formal photos), and one of the tricks used by professional wedding photographers is to take a small, folded ladder. Taking a formal group portrait from a higher angle will be helpful, as you can see more faces and organize your group more easily.