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Kayte Ellis Company has typically been described as a ‘Boutique Photographic Company’, compact, fashionable, welcoming and with only the very best to supply. The LSBU spin-out firm was set-up as a collaboration between the students, the School of Arts and Inventive Industries , and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute. Christopher Rauschenberg, Founding Member, Blue Sky Photographers’ Collective and Gallery, USA.

Considered amongst New York’s most revered photography agents, Howard Bernstein , has been keeping an eye on proficient photographers for over 25 years now, and his artists management firm, Bernstein and Andriulli , now boasts a sizzling-listing of purchasers starting from Adidas to The New agency

We’ve partnered with BBC Tradition to develop an thrilling new exposure alternative! Each week we’ll announce the top 10 favourite pictures primarily based on the neighborhood’s votes. HB: There’s at all times that query when a photographer is busy or gradual. HB: I get many emails day-after-day, and I used to have the ability to look by way of all of them, but that’s probably not possible anymore.

Chris Jordan, Studio Manager, Chris Jordan Photographic Arts, USA. Rep travel and breakfasts for the rep group per yr (often all photographers in a group are charged for a rep to go to, say, San Francisco and meet with all the AB’s and AD’s in that agency

Sure, younger photographers do lots of selling in different methods, but a giant league rep nonetheless requires lots of the items on my checklist. Miami Street Pictures Festival, Miami FL, United States. Whereas winning a contest or being in PDN’s 30 (mixed results from the folks I’ve talked to) can jump start a agency