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Importance of a Surveyor When Doing Property Renovations It takes time to get building permits and approvals. You might need to appear in front of a board of supervisors or co-op institution of your homeowners. You will have to devote some time or hours at the construction department. In case you have your contractor get licenses and the approvals on your behalf, you should expect to pay a service fee. This is because it is work away from the job site for the contractor. When it is a big job such as renovating your basement or kitchen remodelling, the contractor will figure out the expense of getting approval and care for it. If it is a minor job, the builder may request to be paid by the hour or tell you to get the permit yourself. Should you go down and receive the permits yourself, you are going to save yourself some money.
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The construction department will ask for the name of your contractor. The development department might be hesitant if they find out you are getting the permit for yourself because they feel like this is a job that needs to be done by a contractor. However, there is no law to prevent you from doing the job yourself. In cases like this, after the job is finished, the building department could ask that you sign a statement saying that you will continue to reside there yourself for a period of six months to a year. This document is important when dealing with work that involves electricity, gas or even pipes in your home. The residency requirement creates the assumption that you will perform a great job if you are likely to occupy the property.
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Do You Need a Survey? A survey is a check of your property’s border lines. It can be crucial in rural regions, where land lines aren’t easily discerned, especially when purchasing the property. If you’re adding a space or maybe a fireplace which expands the perimeter of your house, a survey might be beneficial or just a necessity when renovating. For instance, if you’re adding to the side or the back of your house, you might be encroaching into the setback areas. You will not be able to tell if you know the line where your area ends. You shouldn’t assume where the property line is just by looking with your eyes. A fence doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the dividing factor to who properties. Often, the property can have a difference of one foot or more that divides the property on each side. To be safe, always call in a surveyor.