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Welcome to the online dwelling of art of dance & health. But on the similar time, there are certain rules that must be followed more stringently in ice skating than in dance, and as soon as again the governing principle is the competitive display of abilities quite than the enjoyment of movement for its personal sake.Art of danceArt of dance

Moreover being the Dance Program Coordinator at Central Michigan College and the Artistic Director of the CMU College Theatre Dance Firm, she’s additionally the Booking Manager for the Chicago-based mostly dance company Bounce Rhythm Jazz Venture and a former dance studio manager.

The English ballet master John Weaver , writing in 1721, argued then again that Dancing is a chic, and common movement, harmoniously composed of gorgeous Attitudes, and contrasted graceful Posture of the Body, and components thereof.” Weaver’s description reflects very clearly the form of dignified and courtly motion that characterized the ballet …