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Use of digital images and video recording can provide a permanent record of an event for a variety of various purposes. At McLaughlin Photo Video we tell your Wedding Day Story by means of the lens, with an artistic heart. Movie, Production and Images programs at Sunderland are fifteenth in the UK in the Guardian University League Tables 2018. These specialists capture the people, experiences, and opportunities of Michigan Tech in a method that represents and enhances our and videophotography and video

To inquire about our services please contact College Photographer Yosef Kalinko at [email protected] or (206) 296-2651. For instance, Rick Helman Images and Video is among the only studios in the space that makes use of infra-pink cameras to add a unique and special component to your albums and and video

Explore video artwork, from early practitioners within the Seventies to the affect of YouTube, and look at the impression of digital techniques …