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Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is gaining a reputation of the healthiest beverage. Such claims have sound scientific backing. Green tea is the most popular in this regard. Whenever possible, take green tea. Those looking to shed body weight will benefit from taking this type of tea. Green tea also regulates blood glucose levels, while lowering cholesterol levels. Green tea greatly aids in enhancing memory and learning. Studies conducted in Japan reveal that as people take more green tea, they lower their chances of coronary artery disease. It helps in reducing the occurrence of colon, lung and skin cancers. Green tea has disease fighting properties that cover a wide range of conditions. Regular consumption will ensure you enjoy all these benefits.

An examination of green tea reveals that it acquired its name due to its retention of the original leaf color. It has the lowest amount of caffeine in all tea types. It’s the fresh taste is as a result of the lack of fermenting. Green tea can be consumed in different flavors. You can find a wide variety of these flavors in the market.

It is through the polyphenol antioxidants that green tea has so much power over many terrible health conditions and diseases. This has been focused on especially in recent cancer research efforts. It is now being tested as the forefront solution in cancer therapy. Green tea can arrest the development of some types of tumors.
In increasing mental performance, green tea lowers anxiety in a person, as it increases their alertness. Bactria responsible for food poisoning can be dealt with through the catechins found in green tea. Their further effects through toxins will not be felt. Those necessary bacteria in the gut will not be harmed by the catechins.
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We also have other varieties of tea that are beneficial to health. There is black tea, which is good for reducing cholesterol. Regular consumption leads to unclogged arteries. Apart from unclogging, it also assists those that were weak in improving functionality. It also has cancer fighting properties, as well as killing some harmful germs, which may cause diarrhea, pneumonia, and skin infections.
Oolong tea is in the middle of green and black tea. It is the result of partial fermentation of the leaves before frying. Oolong tea is known for its sweet-flowery properties. To get the best results, they need to be manufactured through traditional methods. Through its fat metabolism, it has found application in obesity management. It also enhances the condition of strong bones, preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis. It has been known to aid in fighting tooth decay, as well as reducing heart problems.
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Blending tea is a sure way of getting all the different benefits of each type. Blending has been a common practice for most tea merchants, to get the most out of the teas.

After settling on a particular type of tea, it is important you buy only a high quality brand, while still fresh.