Senior Pictures as Unique as the Student

The photo shoot for senior pictures has become as much of a right of passage as the graduation ceremony itself. Parents love that last opportunity to let their child shine in front of the camera, but why stick to the tried and true when you can create amazing photos with the following tips?

Unique Backgrounds

At some point it became extremely popular to do some of the senior photos outside. No longer was the photographer’s imagination confined by the studio walls. Unfortunately, that creativity has become stale. Too many photographers take the kids out in front of a brick wall for a few shots and call it a day. Try something different. For example, Beantown photographers can use Harvard Square, China Town, or a piano store boston has as a backdrop.

Unexpected Outfits

No longer do the traditional suits or Sunday best have a place in senior portraits. Although it is nice to throw in a few of the more traditional styles, allow each teen to pick clothing that reflects their individual style. Graphic tees depicting their favorite superhero are terrific as well as sweatshirts from their favorite vacation destination. Anything that allows you to see a bit of their personality is acceptable.

Untraditional Poses

It used to be that poses for a senior portrait were nothing more than turning slightly from one side to the other. Today, teens are able to sit in casual poses on stools, on the floor, or even on horseback. Props from their favorite sports or passions make the photos even more interesting. Sometimes the best pictures are candid shots taken when they aren’t even looking at the camera.

By exploring unique and interesting places as backgrounds, selecting unexpected outfits, and posing in untraditional ways, each student will have a set of senior pictures that are as individual as they are. Capture their true spirit by using any of the above suggestions, or let your creativity flow and try something totally unexpected.