Professional Modeling and Your Tax Return

Despite what the majority of people might think, professional modeling is both difficult to do and an expensive career to get into.

From booking shoots to looking your best through makeup, right through to managing a website and social media channel, it’s work and it’s money.

And while there isn’t much you can do about the requirements of getting into modeling, there is much you can do about minimizing the expenses involved.

Keep reading to find out more.


Your Portfolio

The quality of the photographs in your portfolio is arguably the most important aspect of booking a shoot. After all, there will be many times that you won’t even get a chance to meet the selection panel, instead being required to first submit a portfolio for consideration. This is part of the reason why great photos are expensive.

While you shouldn’t expect to include any photos which you have taken yourself, if you incur expenses from photographers, digital re-touch artists, and printers, all involved in producing your portfolio, then you should consider including these costs in your business tax return.


Remember, you can’t include any of the costs involved in your friend simply snapping a quick picture of you on vacation. It has to be a professional service provided by a retailer and a service which comes with a receipt.


Health and Fitness

If you are looking to or currently work as a brand ambassador, then it is likely that you will be expected to appear a certain way. For example, if you are representing a fitness studio then your client will want you to appear it and healthy. For this, models turn to a number of choices such as training at the gym and adjusting their eating plan to include healthier items or supplements from the Groupon Coupons page for Medifast Diet to look their best the natural way.

These are potential items which you can look to include on a business tax return. While you can’t expect to include your entire grocery budget, it would be wise to speak with an accountant about the type of food and health items which you can claim as a deduction against your tax bill.


Professional Coaching

Having your friends watch you walk and give you feedback isn’t going to cut it. For a serious model, you need serious coaching. And serious coaching doesn’t come cheap. However, you will be pleased to know that it is a cost you can consider including on your tax return.

If you do utilize this service, be sure that it is being provided by a professional with a registered business and can provide you with a written receipt. If a service provider can not give you these, then you won’t be able to include the costs in your tax return.

Of course, none of this matter unless you have registered yourself as a business. Speak with your accountant about how to start the process and how you can look to include items and services you pay for to advance your modeling career in your tax return.