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What You Need To Know About The Piqua Shawnee Tribe

The Algonquian is the primary language that the Shawnee individuals use to speak to each other. Before the coming of the colonialists, the Shawnee tribe had inhabited the Ohio Valley, and they spread to other parts as well. History professionals have argued that the Ohio Valley is not the only area that the Shawnee inhabited and there are some such as Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Kansas. Oklahoma and Missouri were the territories that have a significant number of the Shawnee tribe, and that was so because of the competition of natural resources in the places they were in originally. There are some Shawnee individuals that did not relocate to Oklahoma until after the civil war. The population of Shawnee tribe was high, but it later decreased due to different reasons. There was a war that broke out and it was between the settlers and the inhabitants and that situation contributed to the decrease in the number of the Shawnee tribe. Apart from the civil war that happened, there was an outbreak of smallpox alongside flu and fever that weakened the immunity of the tribe and made then to die.

Piqua Shawnee is one of the groupings that encompass the larger Shawnee tribe. The extra tribes that make up the Shawnee tribe are Kispoko, Chillicothe, Hathawekela, and Mequachake. The name Piqua was derived from a man who is believed to have existed and he led a group in agreement with an extreme spirit. The manifestation of the man was through fire. The Shawnee have always maintained a good sense of tribal identity.

Tasks such as fishing, fighting battles and hunting were only for the men. The Shawnee also practiced farming, and that was mainly done by women. Cooking and taking of the kids was also done by the women. For each celebration that happened, it was directly affected by the agricultural sequence. The tribe relocated from one area to another, and in the course of that they intermingled with others. When they were in the foreign land, they exchanged goods and services so that they would survive.

After the Indian war, many of the indigenous people were moved in the Oklahoma territory. The way of life of the larger Shawnee tribe is manifested through the Piqua Shawnee who does what, the larger entity does. You will not find the Shawnee in one territory but several because of how they move from place to place. There are places that the Shawnee tribe enjoys full support because the authorities in those particular countries have recognized them. There is a system of governance that this tribe enjoys and authority is bestowed to the tribal council that is made of robust individuals. Things like pots, beads and wood carvings are perfectly done by the Shawnee people. The Shawnee tribe also designed wampum beads which were traded as currency and also culturally vital as an art material.

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