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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Dog Free from Paw Yeast infection

Among all the diseases that can affect your dog, the yeast infection is the worst and the most common. This condition causes unspeakable suffering because it results in constant scratching and a bad smell as well. In spite of the fact that the condition can easily be cured, it’s ultimately better to prevent the disease from occurring at all. For the prevention of paw yeast infection, some necessary steps should be taken. Here’s what you need to do.

Maintaining Pet Hygiene
Hygiene cannot just be ignored if you expect your pet to be kept safe from any disease infection. In most of the cases, dog ears, and paws are the ones affected by the yeast infection. These parts are normally conducive for the proliferation of bacteria that cause the infection, and it’s difficult to notice until the condition has deteriorated. Its even worse for dogs that have long and floppy ears such as the Spaniels and the golden retrievers. Thoroughly cleaning and keeping these parts dry is a sure way of preventing this disease. In this way, the disease-causing bacteria are gotten rid of before they multiply and cause problems. Additionally, make sure that you also clean and air out your dog’s housing.

Physical Fitness
Exercising your dog is a great way of keeping him in shape and the diseases at bay. The importance of a good walk with the dog cannot be overemphasised. Make a point of taking frequent walks with your dog so that he keeps in shape.There’s also the added benefit of having fun as you bond with your pet and, probably, your family as well.

Proper Diet
A proper diet, if administered in the right way, can provide the required capacity to your dog to fight the disease-causing microorganisms before they establish themselves. It has been proven that this is one of the natural ways of keeping not only yourself but also your dog in a good shape. Provide your dog with well prepared and cooked to ensure that it stays healthy. Ensure that you do not give your pet food that may end up causing discomfort or even encourage the growth of some harmful bacteria or viruses.

Application of Cider Vinegar
Most of the disease conditions affecting dogs can easily be managed using cider vinegar. It can be applied to the diseased part to help reducing pain and itchiness. It can as well be used to prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. The microorganisms on the dog are normally killed if the vinegar is applied on the dogs body after bathing. Its use in mild amounts in dog food ensures that any disease-causing microorganism is eliminated hereby keeping your pet free of yeast infections.

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