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Know How to Select the Proper Auto Glass Repair Shop One of the most vital safety features of your vehicle is the auto glass. It does not only protect you from the weather and the detritus lying on the road, but also prevents you from getting thrown out of the car in case of a collision. Likewise, a topnotch auto glass makes sure that you will be able to see well while driving. With inferior auto glasses, you might not be able to gauge properly your distance from other objects due to cloudiness and distortions. For these reasons, it is imperative that you get a qualified auto glass repair company when your car windshield or windows need fixing or replacement. Below are some tips on how to determine which repair shops are on the level. They carry dealer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass. Any glass company can come up with its own auto glass but it won’t match the quality of dealer glass. Distortions that can alter your ability to see clearly are common in run-of-the-mill glass. Unused OEM glass is more fitting compared to common glass or glass that was refurbished. It is due to the fact that dealer glasses must satisfy specific quality standards which are not followed by generic or reconditioned glasses.
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They do auto glass inspection.
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Buying an OEM glass is just the first step in the process. A competent auto glass repair shop knows that the glass passed between many hands, including shipping, before it was delivered. It is the reason why you should only consider a company that does hands-on inspection of each piece of glass prior to installation. They use superior quality installation materials. The material for securing the auto glass in place is very important. Make sure that the auto glass repair company you choose uses the same adhesive as that of the car manufacturer. The applied urethane adhesive should have 1,000 PSI so the auto glass won’t come off during a collision. The highest quality urethane will also ensure that the glass will hold up over time. Cheap urethane, meanwhile, increases your chances of experiencing wind noise and water leakage. They extend a lifetime guarantee. The auto repair company you pick should stick up for the quality of its work. The best way it can do this is by giving a lifetime warranty on its service. It means that the company is confident that the materials and methods it used in the auto glass installation are of five-star quality and can stand the test of time. Any glitch, damages, or other issues that may crop up from the installation or from the glass itself should be included in the warranty. It also applies to the sealant and the other materials used in the installation.