How to Hang Art Perfectly

Compelling artwork mounted on a wall has the ability to transform the atmosphere and mood of any room. To ensure that the message intended by the art piece is clearly communicated to onlookers, it is imperative that it is hung perfectly to avoid unnecessary distractions.

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Here are a few rules to remember the next time you want to show off your new art investment and create a coherent and harmonious narrative.

Hang in the Third Quadrant

Most people typically hang artwork too high and not in line with the human eye level, causing a considerable strain to the neck. To get a very quick sense of where your artwork should be hung, roughly divide your wall into four quadrants and commit to mounting your artwork in the third quadrant from the floor. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to drop the mount lower.

57” on Centre

Artwork should be hung with its centre essentially on the 57” level on any wall. This ensures that the art will speak to other elements in the house like lamp stands and rugs, which makes for a complete narrative. It is important that some leeway should be considered to allow for the picture to hang from the hook. The 57″ applies for a group of images, with the central images aligning with the 57” mark on any wall.

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Choose a Bigger Artwork

The size of a good artwork should be considered when wanting to mount it on a wall. A slightly bigger art piece should be considered rather than going for something more insignificant to have any impact on a wall. Good-quality reproductions obtained through fine art giclee printing of famous artworks is a good start for the person new to world of art. Alternatively, speak to a reputable art dealer about the style of work you are looking for, such as Grouping smaller pieces of artwork together with a similar theme or narrative makes for a strong statement. They are best arranged on the floor first to ensure a good configuration is established before hanging on the wall, according to curator Julia Toffolo of Matassa Toffol.

Let Art Speak to Other Elements in the Room

And artwork should never be hung in isolation: it should always be curated and considered in context with other furniture in the room.