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The Potters House Located In The Virginia Beach United Methodist Church The potter’s house is located in the Virginia Beach and serves the disadvantaged community in the area. It with a noble goal of helping people who are unfortunate in the society. The potter’s house, as the name suggests was coined for the prophet Isaiah’s book which he acknowledges God as the potter and people are the clay. The potter’s house was made from the tenth of levies made by the church members. From that date onwards, the potters house has continued to serve its mission, and the virtue of Christ has reached more people. Such physical support is very effective in the proliferation of the gospel. You may be grateful to know the establishment if you attend the Virginia Beach Methodist church. The responsibility to ensure that as several people as possible experience the grace of God is commitment by Christians all over the world. They have therefore established such foundations that have continued to support the needy in the society. The objective is to spread the gospel in a practical way which glorifies Christ. There are many individuals in the world who are facing such challenges such as homelessness, rejection, poverty and such problems in their life. In connection with the teachings of the Bible, the church has shown love to the people by providing assistance. The potters house for example various kind of assistance including homes, education, food and such for the homeless and those with no incomes. Many have since benefited and have found a reason to appreciate life. The potters house budget is majorly from the church gifts and tithes. Various humanitarian agencies and corporations from the Virginia Beach also support the house. There are also individuals who contribute to the potters house basket. In case you want to support this initiative, you can channel your support to the Virginia beach united Methodist church or to the potter’s house secretariat. Donations including various types of foods could be channeled to the potter’s house while monetary assistance is channeled to the Virginia Beach United Methodist Church.
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The daily functioning of the potters house are conducted by volunteers. If you feel compelled to serve and touch life of people who are in need, you can do so at the potters house. Your assistance will be highly approached by the members of the church and other volunteers in the church. As the saying goes, service to humanity is services to God. You will be fulfilling the mission of Christ when you volunteer in courses that serve humanity with absolute love.Short Course on Religion – What You Should Know