4 Tips on Choosing Photographers for Weddings

At every wedding, the bride and family would want good photographs. Not only good but memorable photos. Cries of emotion, intense embrace, and laughter of the relatives should be well captured. You can contact Solaris to order professional and reliable photographers.

Surely that is a photographer’s job. But before that is more important, how to choose the right photographer for our wedding? Let’s listen!

  1. Check the Portfolio

Does the photographer match our taste?

Because wedding photographers certainly have their own wedding photography style.

For wedding photographers, generally, see if he is able to bring a photo of journalism that captures emotion in one photo? Journalism? Yes, because he is the one who will be our ‘journalist’ of marriage.

For pre / post-wedding photographers, see if he is able to create a unique and non-cliche concept?

Of course, our own eyes must also know the definition of a good photo of what. Not necessarily wedding photographer with the price of tens of millions is good in your eyes. It could be that the price of a few hundred thousand is actually good.

  1. Ask how he took his picture

As a photographer, I understand to always make the best photos.

However, not for my wedding later. I do not want a photographer who just makes good photographs, but a photographer who actually captures the original moment – not contrived – on that special day.

Because I often see photographers with a ‘photograph production list’ – containing templates of moments to take; like a photo with this guy, a photo of the moment, the photo with him on it, and so on that limits his own creativity. The result will be a posed photo cliché style calendar old school who do not have a soul.

No problem actually, but often I see the photographer just ‘secure’ the photo file to be on the album. Instead of capturing the moment with his creativity.

But that should be more concerned is, do not choose a photographer who just wants to make his portfolio better. Not catching the moment of your happy day.

  1. Know your photographer

Better indeed to use professional services, not amateurs who occasionally take pictures for additional income.

Currently, the price of the camera is cheap, many amateur photographers who label themselves professional, with prices that are very skewed, but the results are still to be questioned.

An amateur photographer can sometimes be nicer, but it can be very bad.

I myself was confident enough to photograph trip photos such as photographing nature and culture. But dozens of times I refused a request to photograph the wedding. Because of course, I am aware because this is not my field and there are still many people who are more competent for it.

You do not want to check your teeth with a dermatologist, right?

I also do not want to bet on my wedding photos myself. Better to hire a professional photographer who is slightly more expensive than regret for life.

Make sure your photographer has a portfolio on his website, have examples of previous clients, if there is a friend recommendation, or listed on the vendor’s directory of wedding sites such as bride story.

  1. If you have made a choice, don’t dictate too much to the photographer

If you have selected a photographer, just entrust everything to him.

Don’t dictate too much like this, I want to. Honestly, if I as a photographer would feel a bit intimidated.

Remember, guys, this is your wedding day. Not a movie production set that should be directed to the script as well as its style.

You hire the photographer for your big day. Just let them do the job and surprised you!