Favorite Links

Art Rosch's Poetry Website
I am building a poetry website
and possibly an e-book of my poems
with the help of

Please come visit this part of my
creative life. I've been writing prose
and poetry since the age of fifteen,
and these are very important to me.

Carolyn Fletcher's PIckyourshots
Carolyn has been the most loyal photographic friend. Her site has an immense variety of things, some of the most gorgeous autumn landscapes, animals, family portraits. It's a testament to her pure human warmth, and it shines through in every page of her website.

Fish Store, published in Exquisite Corpse ...
This short story of a rock and roll myth made it into Andre Codrescu's Exquisite Corpse Magazine, a truly wild online collection of mad writers. I hope this link still works, it's an archived page.
This is a stock photo site with wonderful nature images, lots of whales, dolphins and a gallery of
aurora photos.

My fiction and poetry blog
This is where I post extended writings, excerpts from my novels, more poems, more 'fake email spams', and whatever else strikes my fancy.

A camera buyer's guide and all purpose
useful information site.

The Blog of Fascination
In this blog I'm gathering together all my literary elements. I have poems, short stories, excerpts from my three finished books, "The Gods Of The Gifts", "Confessions Of An Honest Man", and "Avoiding The Potholes: Road Stories In A Changing America." There will also be humor, bits from my book of fake spam emails, called "Why I'm Not Famous", and the second volume, "Why I'll Be Famous After I'm Dead."

Winner of U.N. Prize
There were 56,000 entrants in this contest, and I received Honorable Mention with my image "Lone Tree In Utah". This meant that my photo was included in the world tour of the show and then hung in galleries in cities all across the planet.

Write Out Of My Head
This is my blog, the repository of my writing, reviews, hoaxes and even serious stuff.

Writer's World total blog mania
This is a site where I can do everything: upload my music, photos, stories, the works.
I don't like the coloring, but I hope I can convince the creator of this group to change it so the text can
be read. It's blue on black! This is where you can hear my entire music CD, "Out Of This World"