Yes, this is a photography site. I can't help it! I want to share the news, which includes this gorgeous cover, designed and photographed by Yours Truly. I have just published this memoir, THE ROAD HAS EYES: A RELATIONSHIP, AN RV AND A WILD RIDE. I am a professional writer. I say this only as a guarantee of the quality of the absurd humor and solid construction of this book. If you use this book as a hammer on your new house addition, it will not drive a single nail as it is an e-book. However, with the latest news from the Quantum Mechanics front, it is becoming more apparent that the distinction between REAL and VIRTUAL is quickly breaking down. Hence, it may soon be possible for you to build a house using this e-book, provided that you use only virtual nails and tools. You can download this and my other books from Kindle or Smashwords. Sometimes my books are free, sometimes a mere 2.99. Reading them is good for your health. You'll lose weight, make money, attract gorgeous members of the desired gender and see God (and it doesn't matter whether or not you believe in God, you'll see Her anyway).
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