Assorted Writing

A poem to the wisdom of cats.

Get Rich Quick on the Internet!
This is an excerpt from my book of phony email spams and internet ads, called "Why I"m Not Famous". For more of the same, contact me. Publishers queries welcome.

My books
To date I have three books that are in publishable condition. I've devoted a lot of my life to writing these books and it's strange to market books in this particular moment in time. I still query agents, but alternative publishing options are springing up like exotic plants in a rain forest. The travel memoir is called AVOIDING THE POTHOLES: ROAD STORIES IN A CHANGING AMERICA. I think it may be the most commercially accessible book. It's a lot of fun. I've written a fictional autobiography called "Confessions Of An Honest Man". It details the lives and fates of a very d'zizz-funktional family. Last but not least is my science fiction epic, "The Gods Of The Gift". I have a secret fantasy that a hundred years from now people will read this book as a kind of spiritual text. It serves as both a gripping adventure and a metaphysical teaching. Boy, does that sound grandiose! I don't care. I've spent forty years writing it Come visit my blog/magazine at

My Girl Suffers
This is a photo essay and poem to my partner. We met in middle age, when love must be re-examined, when quality of character becomes more and more important. She is not only beautiful, she is loyal, compassionate and strong.

On Not Pursuing Happiness
I wrote my first poem when I was fifteen. I didn't know how important writing would be in my life. It has been a saving grace. I might have been locked up long ago if not for my love of writing.

Review of my CD
This review of my music CD appeared in Music Express Magazine, written by their top reviewer, Ruben Pondwater.

Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction
This is an excerpt from my book of satiric spam emails, called "Why I'm Not Famous". If you would like to read more, just let me know.
My blog is expanding. It allows readers interested in my world of art to read my literary side, at Please drop by and take a look. I've also devoted a blog to my science fiction novel, "The Gods Of The Gift", which is at The material is unlike anything you've ever read.

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